Who we are

Our vision is to enable and support positive changes in the lives of the local community. We do this by helping those of all ages, gender and race in meeting their personal needs and encouraging them to become self-sufficient. We promote a healthier lifestyle in our personal service and build strong relationships by training volunteers to play a vital role in serving at the Pantry and in their community.

Latest Figures on Emergency Food Parcel Provision in Scotland

April 2018 to September 2019

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What we do

The underlying ethos of The Brechin Community Pantry is
''The Community helping the Community''.
The vision of the Pantry is to initially:
Provide emergency food, children's clothing and other essential goods to feed and clothe those in need.
Signpost people to agencies and organisations that can help those in financial hardship.
Signpost people to agencies and organisations that can help those in financial hardship.
Provide a place for those people to come and talk to someone in confidence and to offer emotional support to those in need.
Assist those that require help to source a wide range of resources online and to 
create a CV. 

How we help

In the UK the average person using a food bank will do so twice a year, with an estimated 590,00 different people requiring the use of a Foodbank during 2016/2017.


We believe that when you are experiencing difficult life experiences, it isn't just food that you need. You may be looking for help with filling in complicated forms, planning a budget, debt counselling or even just talk things through.


Visit our premises at 7 Swan Street, Brechin where you will be able to choose from our range of food, toiletries, children's clothing and household products. We will help you to fill a form and discuss how best to help you through this difficult time. We  partner with a wide aside range of local services and will do our very best to signpost you to those who can help you further.


We are hoping  to set up a community kitchen, where we can teach the basics of how to cook and prepare essential healthy food.


As a part-time Volunteer
Whatever hours you are available to work, we need your help in various duties on different days. You could gain a SQA certificate while you work! 
Special Skills
Your skills such as IT, financial planning, cooking, stock control, communicating, or making people welcome  can be used in many different ways.
Be part of BCP manangement team
Become one of the Brechin Community Pantry  management team and help in the general running of the Pantry.
Help in raising funds
Your help is vital in raising awareness and funds to keep the Pantry functioning.  We do this though a wide range of exciting ways.


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Daily Goods

A wide range of food is required from soup, tinned meats and beans, pasta, rice, etc.

Fresh Produce
A wide range of fresh produce is required from vegetables, fruit, eggs, bread, cakes, etc.


In order to sustain the premises and supplier's bills, money is required on a weekly basis.

You can donate by Cheque, Cash or set up a Standing Order.

Please click on the Funding page and contact Martin Dayman by phone or by email.


You can also drop into the Pantry and speak to a staff member about making a donation.

Children's Clothes
We provide children up to the age of 11 with a wide range of clothes and shoes.
Household products
A wide range of products and toiletries are required.

7 Swan Street, Brechin, Angus DD9 6EE​

Email: brechincommunitypantry5@gmail.com

Tel:  01356 308639

Mobile: 07564 245 739


10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Monday - Wednesday - Friday

Brechin Community Pantry is a Registered Charity: SC047269

CALL US:  01356 308639

or 07564 245 739

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