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At the start of the Covid 19 virus outbreak we implemented new rules to safeguard our clients and volunteers. These are in line with the Governments guidelines.

These rules are specified in the poster to the right and posted at various places in the Pantry.


We are OPEN every

Monday, Tuesday and Friday

10am - 12noon and 1pm - 4pm 


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A BIG thank you to all the staff at Brechin CO-OP!

The staff at Brechin CO-OP have kindly donated a wide range of necessary goods to the Pantry, which will be replicated every month. These donations are on a personal basis and they filled a large trolley! 



Generous Donations from many individuals and schools in our community!


We are very grateful to a number of individuals who have visited the Pantry over the last weeks and donated a wide range of food and household goods. They have also donated financially and Brechin Rotary Club collected a large sum during a hard days work at the CO-OP.  


We've also received large donations from Brechin Fire Station, Edzell Church, Edzell Primary School and Maisondieu School.

Thank you Brechin Community!!

you are fulfilling our vision

"The Community helping the Community"

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